Compose a 500 words assignment on colonialism in southeast asia and the austral and pacific realms. Needs to be plagiarism free! Spanish Colony on Philippines Spanish Colony on Philippines Colonization has been a controversial issue in the society. Southeast Asia noticed a recurring theme of colonization from the European state. Philippine is one among the realms that experienced neocolonialism. Its natural resources and global positioning played a vital role in the interest of Spanish colonization. For instance, the Spanish colony enforced globalization, capitalism, and cultural forces to control Philippine politically (Lockard, 2006). The desire and urge of the Philippines to surpass in business blinded them leading them to deleterious cultural effects. However, though the Philippines became subjected to another power, they still maintained some of their native belief systems.Colonization of the Philippine realm was due to its potential in commercial success with other countries. During the 18th century, the Spanish population was significantly less but soon the population started expanding. Intermarriage of the Spanish and the Philippines led to the growth of a very strong community that became the most powerful politically and economically (McCoy, 2001). A consequent growth of the Spanish community in Philippine later took over the Philippine realm. Spanish colonization of the Philippine realm did not face confrontation by indigenous states supported by aristocracies, bureaucracies, or religious organization contrast to other European colonizers elsewhere in Southeast Asia. In addition, the Spanish rule over the Philippines defined the modern state of the Philippines in matters concerning the social, religious, and ideological underpinnings. The Spanish rule over the Philippines had less impact to them economically. However, there was a considerable impact on the people politically and religiously. To have full control of the Philippine realm, the Spaniards gradually abolished hereditary nobility and dignity, limited power to Philippine chiefs, encouraged slavery and subsequently secured themselves high aristocratic positions in the state. Since Philippine had a history of economical flourish, the Spaniards took this as an opportunity to excel, expand, and uplift their country’s economic status (Lockard, 2006). They used water to transport silver, gold, and other materials of exchange to Europe where it graced the lives of the European elite. Philippine consequently turned to a regional trading area in Southeast Asia. The key reason that enabled the Spaniards to colonize Philippine was the close relationship the state had with the church. Spain being a Christian realm wanted to convert the Philippines to Catholicism for the glory of God. Most of the people especially in the central and northern Islands of the Philippines gradually converted to Catholicism. The Spanish governance had to seek new sources of wealth and revenue for the Philippine realm to make it flourish economically. Not only did Philippine flourish economically but also had most of the youth educated and aware of the subjection they faced (McCoy, 2001). The western-educated sons of the Philippine community formed a wide spectrum of parties, which wanted revolution. This therefore posed a major threat to the Spanish rule.The desire of the Spanish colony once again to take over Philippine is a predicament. Initially, they were able to intermarry and lure the Philippines with Christianity. Now that the Philippines are educated, it becomes hard to play a trick on them (Lockard, 2006). Probably, the only way to catch the attention of the Philippines is by formulating an educational basis. This will enable the Philippines trust them and form a social relationship that will lead to the Spanish success. Moreover, introduction of more and advanced technology in Philippine will create a break through for the Spaniards back to colonize Philippine. ReferencesLockard, A.C. (2006). Societies, Networks, and Transitions: A Global History. New York: Cengage Learning. McCoy, W. A. (2001). Philippine Social History: Global Trade and Local Transformations. Quezon: Ateneo de Manila University Press.

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Compose a 500 words assignment on colonialism in southeast asia and the austral and pacific realms. Needs to be plagiarism free!
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