Create a 40 pages page paper that discusses sport and media: a mutual dependancy. e relationship that exists between sports and media, the proponent tried to investigate various aspects in the environmental analysis of sports and media. The following aspects considered in this paper are the following: political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental.Sufficient information can be found out which could also stand as evidence concerning the existence of mutual dependancy of sport and media. The proponent found out that this mutual dependancy can clearly be elaborated using the environmental analysis which concerns on political, economical, social, technological, legal and environmental aspects.The mutual dependancy of sports and media has strong background in political aspects, economical aspects, social aspects, technological aspects, legal aspects and environmental aspects. Knowing this, the relationships that exist between sports and media were clearly elaborated. Not only that, a wide understanding on this issue has been clearly documented.The prevailing issues about sports and media are actually integral parts of environmental aspects and their underlying analysis can reveal significant findings of relationships. As stated earlier, sports and media can be considered a mutual dependancy. However, it takes to categorise and define various aspects so as to clearly classify and differentiate all underlying related issues.Sporting events and even the sport itself are considered forms of entertainment that for many years until now, have gained vast popular acceptance. The creation of media actually even made substantial influence to the current sports trends. These influences are actually evident from day to day experiences. In fact, a single television at home or even high technological innovations have something to say on how the information about sports successfully conveyed to every one at home or anywhere at particular time or event.

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Create a 40 pages page paper that discusses sport and media: a mutual dependancy.
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