Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses speakers notions of both tell-ability and tellership. When there are many tellers, multiple narratives overlap, interact and create a comprehensive, new narrative.Sometimes, a narrative is defeated by a counter-narrative also (Ochs and Capps, 2001, 43). This concept can also be elaborated as. “tellability is related not only to the sensational nature of events but also to the significance of events for particular interlocutors and the way in which events are rhetorically shaped in the narrative” (Ochs and Capps, 2001, 34). There have also been other definitions for tellability and tellership. Duranti (2006, 282) has said that “tellability refers to the significance of the narrated experience and the rhetorical style in which it is related.” He (2006, Duranti, 282) also added that some experience has high tellability and some have low. “Experience recounted as highly reportable (and) in a compelling manner” is considered as highly tellable and “experience recounted as moderately reportable and in an uncompelling manner” is evaluated as having low tellability (Duranti, 2006, 282). Tellability has been defined by Herman (2009, 382), by drawing ideas from many other scholars (Herman 2002. Labov 1972. Waletzky 1969. Norrick 2007. Prince 1987. Ryan 1991), as “that which makes an event or configuration of events relevantly reportable… in a given communication situation”. Another simple definition for tellability is that when we say “stories need to have tellability….they need to have a point” to make” (from Male Narrative pdf that you gave [Author’s name is needed here, you have not given me the name], 21).There are two conflicting factors in a narrative, according to Ochs and Capps (2001,24). They are, “narrators’ yearning for the coherence of life experience and their yearning for authenticity” (Ochs and Capps, 2001, 24).&nbsp.

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Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses speakers notions of both tell-ability and tellership.
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