Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on general motors: solving the high turnover challenge Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! General Motors: Solving the High Turnover Challenge al Affiliation General Motors: Solving the High Turnover Challenge High turnover rate in a company is injuries, as it results in loss of productivity and essential skills that have been developed by the company. Moreover, increased turnover reveals that the employees are not motivated, and thus, there is a lack of job satisfaction. The following are ways in which General Motors can solve the increased turnover challenge at the company. Since subcultural differences are the main cause of employee dissatisfaction and consequential turnover, the management should strongly focus on finding a solution to the differences. Particularly, it is important to evaluate how they are beneficial to the company and how they adversely affect employees. Diversity can both harm and make a company depending on how it is handled. Because the existence of different subcultures in divisions is helpful in guiding a more goal-oriented performance in such departments, with a cumulative effect on the overall goal, I recommend stationing of new employees in specific departments for a longer period before any rotation is effected. Such an approach will help ease the confusion that arises with the arrival of new employees due to frequent rotations (Heathfield, 2014). Further, I advise and recommend for a little-compromised cultures, which do not vary greatly to the extent of causing confusion and conflict within the General Motors set up. I recommend that the overall General Motors culture is considered in every division as being supreme and that the divisional cultures be consistent with the overall organization culture. Such a setup is necessary to create coherence among the divisions and a shared culture toward achieving organization goals (Huhman, 2013). In this connection, periodic reviews of the divisional cultures, taking care of the inputs and considerations of the divisional employees is instrumental in crafting all-encompassing value based and actionable cultures, which employees in the respective divisions share (Bruns, 2015). Additionally, I recommend that the top management gets more creative with the work schedules and introduce an award program for employees in both organizational and divisional levels. The award system should cater for departments, which are more successful in achieving their individual departmental goals and the general goals of the organization (Junevicius, 2015). A reward program would make employees feel appreciated. In turn, this would increase job satisfaction and eventually productivity of the employees leading to good returns for the company. The achievement of both goals is only possible if both cultures are adhered to and work in coherence. The organization should also work towards encouraging less culturally performing divisions.Another strategy that the management of GM can employ to reduce employee turnover is introducing flexibility. When a company gives employees flexibility, they feel valued, and it is a show that the management recognizes their needs. Flexibility can be offered in the form of work-life balance where employees do not have too much work leaving them with no time for social life. Research shows that offering employees’ flextime, as well as accommodating their personal lives is an important factor in attracting, hiring, as well as retaining top talent (Bruns, 2015). Thus, if GM couples flexibility with the proposed solutions for multicultural challenges, employee turnover will reduce immensely. ReferencesBruns, P. (2015). Reducing Employee Turnover. Missouri Development Program. Journal of Corporate Management, (12):47-51Heathfield, S. (2014). How to Manage Resistance to Change in Workplace. Heineman Professional Publishing.Huhman, H. (2013). Ten Tips for reducing Employee Turnover. Boston, MA: Harvard University.Junevicius, S. (2015). Horizontal Integration: Strategic Management Insight. New York: The Ronald Press.

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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on general motors: solving the high turnover challenge Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
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