I need some assistance with these assignment. homelesssness in uk Thank you in advance for the help! Thus, the given paper will provide the analysis of the causes of homelessness and the current situation in the UK.The laws of the United Kingdom put homeless people in very difficult situation. Due to the fact that since 1990s, housing policy in the UK has been a devolved matter, thus, homeless has not receive According to the research, millions of people are ‘hidden homeless’. This term can be applied to the families, which have to live with relatives or other families, because they have no money to pay for their separate residence, and ‘sofa surfers’ who had to spend night in their friends’ apartment. In 2013 the number of such amounted to 2,414 –37% more than in 2010. However, not all the cases are included in statistics and the real number of “sofa surfers” can be much higher (Patrick Butler 2015)Investigations show that the issue is becoming more and more complicated, thus it needs urgent resolution. The measures should be taken in practice and pure theoretical research is not enough. Homelessness occurs because of person’s life circumstances and the conditions created by the government. The reforms directed on the standard of level increase are the best way out (Patrick Butler 2015). Recent reforms such as benefits cuts contributed to the growth of number of homeless.2. Structural reasons Structural consequences of homelessness affect the economy of the state and the standard of living in the society, moreover, they are very difficult to be monitored. The growth of unemployment rate and poverty are the main causes of homelessnessThe majority of homeless people do not consider themselves guilty in being homeless. They accuse their relatives, spouses, friends or other circumstances. The homeless consider welfare reforms to be the best way to struggle with the problem.Homelessness prevents people from living normal life. They appear to be isolated from the society, because they are homeless.

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I need some assistance with these assignment. homelesssness in uk Thank you in advance for the help!
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