Need help with my writing homework on A Job Function and the Right Job Function. Write a 2000 word paper answering; As businesses try and become more competitive, the human asset behavior within the business enterprise has become more and more relevant and hence greater reliance on business psychology. Motivating and retaining this asset has always been a challenge to any business enterprise and this has called for an increased understanding of what causes individuals to be more effective at work. While efficient business organizations have looked at finding both the right person for a job function and the right job function for an individual, making them satisfied at work or providing job satisfaction is a factor that has increased in importance with the enhanced requirement for business organizations to become more competitive for survival in the modern era. Providing a definition for job satisfaction is not an easy task as there are several factors or experiences and the responses to them that make up total job satisfaction and some of these include the satisfaction of the remuneration received, career prospects, satisfactory supervision, satisfaction in the environment and satisfaction in the job functions and responsibilities. The definition provided by Balzar et al, 1997 gives an adequate definition for job satisfaction. As per Balzar et al, 1997 job satisfaction is “the feelings a worker has about his or her job experiences in relation to previous experiences, current expectations, or available alternatives”. There are three factors that have given prominence to the job satisfaction and the study of job satisfaction. These three factors are humanitarian concerns, economic concerns, and theoretic concerns. The presence of humanitarian concerns comes from the ethical beliefs of many managers in the business environment that employees require an acceptable, agreeable and pleasant work environment. The economic aspects lie in the very reasons for the existence of the business organization and that is the increased performance that job satisfaction provides increases the&nbsp.value of the business organization and its products.

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Need help with my writing homework on A Job Function and the Right Job Function. Write a 2000 word paper answering;
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