This last discussion board will a combination of some of our previous kinds.  Like the Module 3 forum, you will each be creating a meme.  But with a twist: like with Module 5’s forum, you will be doing so IN CHARACTER as a historical person.Please  embed your image; don’t leave it as an attachment.  If you’re not sure how to do that, instructions are here.As usual, this will be by last name.A-M: you are in favor of using the atomic bomb on Japan.N-Z: you are against using the atomic bomb on Japan.For example, I would be against it (W for Washburn).Now that you know your character, imagine memes existed during World War II.  Using whatever meme template you wish (or create your own), create a meme as though you were your historical character, commenting on the controversy.Be sure to Like your classmates’ memes if you think they are good; the creator of the most-Liked meme from each side will get extra credit!Be sure to adhere to the guidelines.As always, remember: you and your classmates are portraying characters, in order to understand their perspectives and motivations.  Just because you (or a classmate) portray opinions in this assignment does not mean that they’re your own opinions!  Stay in character.  Also, don’t be nasty to each other; remember that you’re IN CHARACTER.  Just because your classmate creates a clever pro-Bomb meme DOES NOT MEAN YOUR CLASSMATE IS A WARMONGER!  The purpose here is to put yourself in the shoes of historical people.Here a meme I made, just to give you an idea of what you should be chapter 24 in your textbook for all Non-Text Forum PostsDr. Jeff Washburn, Department of History.  General rules for discussion forum posts that are something other than text, such as memes:The meme must be of your own creation; please do not just Google the topic and copy-and-paste a meme.  If you do, your post will get a zero. You may post more than one meme if you wish; of course, doing this also increases your odds of your meme being the most Favorited, which would earn you extra credit!Be polite and considerate at all times. All points of view are welcomed, so long as they are expressed without insult to or denigration of other persons or groups.  You may disagree with a Trump supporter: DO NOT call him/her a Nazi.  You may disagree with a Bernie Sanders supporter: DO NOT call him/her a libtard or a Communist.  Your memes should be witty, and may well be biting; they should not be rude or attacking.Late postings are not allowed.  This is a discussion; there’s no point in commenting if no one will see it or reply to you.Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Just because it’s a meme doesn’t mean it should be illiterate!  In fact, because memes are pithy and don’t have many words, the words and punctuation you use are even more important.  If the post is poorly written or contains many errors, I may remove it from the board. There is lots of research that shows that students who see mistakes in spelling or grammar cannot remember which is correct. Therefore, I cannot allow excessive misspellings and grammatical errors on the board.  If I notice you make the same mistake consistently, I may point it out to you and ask you to pay careful attention so that you do not make the same mistake again.Rubric for Non-Text discussion board grade:80%, understanding of topic and effectiveness of communication;20%, style and proper language usage; correct sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, word choice; courteousness of tone and respect towards others’ point of view.

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This last discussion board will a combination of some of our previous kinds. Like the Module 3 forum, you will each be creating a meme. But with a twist: like with Module 5’s forum, you will be doin
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