Write 8 pages thesis on the topic how is jesus christ portrayed in 20th century art. The portrayals of Christ worked to represent everyday society in the 20th century, as well as the transcendence out of the human efforts and into something greater. The movements that are a part of the 20th century of art are used to portray not only basic concepts and philosophies but are also a direct reflection of society and what was occurring in the surrounding environment through the movement into the contemporary time frame. The context of Jesus Christ in visual arts is one that has changed throughout time. This is dependent on the way that social representations, culture, and history have all defined the concepts of Christianity and Christ as a prophet. Understanding how this has occurred as well as the context that is represented at different time frames all creates a different concept that is related to the ideologies of Christ. “Perceptional differences about an important historical figure are not unusual, and they point to the human propensity for noticing or discerning details about events in unique ways. Consequently, Jesus was seen and imagined differently by different people…. True to form, every generation since the time of Jesus has had the impulse to reinvent Jesus, to make him understandable” (Burns, 20, 2007).&nbsp. The context that Christ is portrayed in with relation to the details is one that is not represented as a prophet or as a part of Christianity. More importantly, the context is linked directly to the reinvention of Jesus and the way that he is portrayed by individual inspiration, society, and culture. The 20th-century theologies are important to the perceptions of Jesus and the portrayal that he had in history. The 20th century is often referred to as an era of transition, specifically from moving into traditional ideals and into an enlightenment of transformation. Many were looking into contemporary and modern ideas that we’re able to present their concepts of religion and spirituality.

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Write 8 pages thesis on the topic how is jesus christ portrayed in 20th century art.
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