Write a 9 pages paper on the pertinent issues affecting a project organization. According to Kanter (1995), such an action will not constitute an adequate response. This is so because success is based on an organization’s ability to create, rather than predict the future by developing those products that will literally transform the way the world thinks and view itself and the needs (Kanter 1995:71). Within the context of today’s global competition, businesses and firms no-longer compete as individual companies but try to corporate with other businesses in their activities (Wu & Chien 2007:2). These researchers went further to argue that, this strategy has become quite common in many businesses and in project management it is becoming a best practice. The conventional vertical integrated company based business model is gradually being replaced by a collaborative relationship between many fragmented, but complementary and specialized value stars and constellation (Wu & Chien:1). In business, environmental analysis is an appreciation of an organization’s activities vis-à-vis its environment (Lin& Lee 2006). Such analysis has become imperatively necessary in the light of increased competition as the present, subsequent operations and strategies direction will be dependent on the result (Lin& Lee 2006).&nbsp.Macro environmental influences can better be explained by the use of the PESTEL framework. According to Johnson et al (2006), the PESTEL framework is a framework that can be used to categorize the factors that influence the business environment of an organization into six main types including Political Influences, Economic influences, Technological influences, Socio-cultural Influences, Environmental Influences, and Legal influences.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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Write a 9 pages paper on the pertinent issues affecting a project organization.
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