Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on content calendar for breath mat. Make the content of the product pages more detailed with information about features and unique quality of the product including the advantages. Ensure the product appears in many different images, allowing the customer to easily view every aspect of the product satisfactorily. Update constantly the site’s content. Create a simple to understand, but detailed information about shopping, returns, shipping, etc. Also includes the use of sounds on videos on the site and create content that builds more trust in the company in terms of helping the customer. Ensure that the images can be viewed from different angles with minimal clicks as possible to enhance the efficiency of the website.[Appendix 1-3] Improved the web-site’s layout and design by making it more appealing and friendly by using impressionable colors such as cream and light blue. Layout the website in a very organized manner such that user’s don’t have to necessarily use the search function to look up anything-though it allows users to look up anything.[Appendix 2-2] Create a simple to use website allowing customers to easily interact and locate the right page or the site of interest. In addition, have an optimal search function for complex searches. Also creating simple headings Use product differentiators such as colors and headings for better emphasis thus consolidating the brand image and the company’s uniqueness, Organize fonts and sub-titles in a simple yet elegant manner by employing bright and impressive color scheme e.g. maroon tiles with black. Breath mat is a product that allows yogis to focus on their practice without having to suffer the distractions of sticky mat and towel. Because the Breath mat for Bikram yoga offers the solution to sticky mats and towels that can’t adequately absorb sweat and pool liquid on the floor beside bunching-up during postures and be uncomfortable to lie on.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on content calendar for breath mat.
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