Being a champion of change means promoting exploratory efforts and leading or supporting product evaluations to address inefficiency within the organization. This might be done by suggesting alternative technologies or processes, and by being a proponent of pilot testing promising solutions or software options in a live environment, such as volunteering to pilot test possible candidate technologies within one’s own department.
Today, you are the CFO of DargeanGrix, Inc. If needed, review the DargeanGrix Business Scenario document. You’ve identified an area in the organization in which you think things can be improved, and you have an idea about how this can be done. Consider how you would champion this change, and think about what you would need to present to your collegues in senior management in order to make the case for exploring the idea for the change in DargeanGrix.
Make a video argument to your senior leader peers, and present your reasoning for your improvement idea. Discuss the change, technology, or new process that the idea entails. Post the completed video to the discussion forum. You may include a slide presentation to supplement your video argument.
The video should be at least 3 minutes and no more than 5 minutes in length and cover the following elements:

Explain your idea for improving a DargeanGrix process.
Explain how your idea would help improve the process, department, or organization.
Explain why your idea can help move the organization or department forward.
Discuss what you are willing to do to support the exploration of the idea (e.g., research the possibilities, be the pilot test department, lend team members to the project development, etc.).

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Being a champion of change means promoting exploratory efforts and leading or supporting product evaluations to address inefficiency within the organization.
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Explain how these elements will help provide additional information or other possibilities for improving the process, department, or organization.

Your goal in the video is to sell the idea to your senior leader colleagues and create buy-in for exploring your idea and your approach.
Instructions for recording or uploading a video:

Write a script. Name and save your script as a Word document. (The script will be used for reference while you record your video and may be used as a transcript for accessibility purposes.)
Paste your script within your initial post in this discussion forum.


DargeanGrix, Inc. is a fictitious international venture capitalist (VC) organization in a niche product
development market. The organization is very successful and has reported annual revenue averages of $250M
over the past seven years. A key element to their success is the warm relationships they build with their clients
and prospects.
DargeanGrix relies heavily on video conferencing and telepresence equipment for conference calls with
potential entrepreneurial investment opportunities worldwide, and for managing their portfolio of current
entrepreneur client investments. The goals for using the technology are to create a close facsimile of face-to-
face interaction to facilitate open communication, enable relationship nurturing, and foster a sense of
camaraderie among the team members while reducing both the stress and the costs of domestic and
international travel.
Company Details  ? 500 combined domestic and international employees.
? 10 offices in 10 states.
? 250 remote employees and 250 on-site employees.
? Two overseas locations, each has 50 employees.
Current Issues  ? A mishmash of technology is used for videoconference tools in the current environment.
? There is wasted meeting time when troubleshooting frequent issues with the disparate and often
quirky video technology.
? The cost of maintenance for the aging video equipment is rising.
? Video calls are often full of dropouts and delays and have poor audio quality.
? Customer and employee satisfaction with video calls is low as the equipment is not reliable and the
video experience is poor.
? Issues with equipment and call quality means time spent in video meetings is not productive, making
the experience stressful and frustrating for those attending the video calls.
? Dissatisfaction with video calls has increased travel costs.
DargeanGrix’s Long Term Goals  ? Reduce maintenance costs.

? Reduce travel time and associated costs.
? Reduce client and employee call frustration.
? Provide a great client experience on every call.
? Increase call productivity and effectiveness.
? Increase bottom line.


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