In Week 1, you examined several perspectives on the concept of innovation and identified some of the areas of an organization in which opportunities for innovation were likely to exist. This week, consider the intangibles that are a part of every organization. After reviewing the DargeanGrix Business Scenario  Download DargeanGrix Business Scenariodocument, identify at least three intangible elements found in the scenario. Explain why you believe they are intangibles, and describe how you would go about assigning value to those elements. Your initial post should be a minimum of 300 words. 


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In Week 1, you examined several perspectives on the concept of innovation and identified some of the areas of an organization in which opportunities
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DargeanGrix, Inc. is a fictitious international venture capitalist (VC) organization in a niche product
development market. The organization is very successful and has reported annual revenue averages of $250M
over the past seven years. A key element to their success is the warm relationships they build with their clients
and prospects.
DargeanGrix relies heavily on video conferencing and telepresence equipment for conference calls with
potential entrepreneurial investment opportunities worldwide, and for managing their portfolio of current
entrepreneur client investments. The goals for using the technology are to create a close facsimile of face-to-
face interaction to facilitate open communication, enable relationship nurturing, and foster a sense of
camaraderie among the team members while reducing both the stress and the costs of domestic and
international travel.
Company Details  ? 500 combined domestic and international employees.
? 10 offices in 10 states.
? 250 remote employees and 250 on-site employees.
? Two overseas locations, each has 50 employees.
Current Issues  ? A mishmash of technology is used for videoconference tools in the current environment.
? There is wasted meeting time when troubleshooting frequent issues with the disparate and often
quirky video technology.
? The cost of maintenance for the aging video equipment is rising.
? Video calls are often full of dropouts and delays and have poor audio quality.
? Customer and employee satisfaction with video calls is low as the equipment is not reliable and the
video experience is poor.
? Issues with equipment and call quality means time spent in video meetings is not productive, making
the experience stressful and frustrating for those attending the video calls.
? Dissatisfaction with video calls has increased travel costs.
DargeanGrix’s Long Term Goals  ? Reduce maintenance costs.

? Reduce travel time and associated costs.
? Reduce client and employee call frustration.
? Provide a great client experience on every call.
? Increase call productivity and effectiveness.
? Increase bottom line.


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