1.      What characteristics of cancer cells allow uncontrolled and continued growth?2.      What cell type(s) have been known to cause cancers associated with the organ your group was assigned?3.      What metabolic alterations of a tumor make some of the cells difficult to treat and may explain why the initial treatment for some cancers is excision?4.      What are the common symptoms or warning signs that may alert the nurse practitioner to the potential for cancer in the organ you were assigned? 5.      To what other organs can this cancer potentially metastasize?6.      What is the role of angiogenesis in metastasis?In addition, provide a description of your group’s assigned tumor markers from a pathophysiological perspective, such as,1.      what they measure2.      how sensitive and specific they are if that data is available3.     when the results would provide valuable information, i.e., to diagnose the cancer or to guide treatment.Health ScienceScienceNursing NURISNG 449

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1.      What characteristics of cancer cells allow uncontrol
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