A new client has transitioned in from the local hospital as a resultof his health condition – weak heart and emphysema. He is not expected to live more than three months. It has been difficult gaining information about Mr. Malek’s health and social background because of language difficulties and little family contact. Insufficient information is available to the palliative care team about his personal preferences with support and care.Mr. Malek’s English is not good but carers are able to encourage him to take his medicine and to participate in his personal care routine. Mr. Malek doesn’t eat much and rarely eats meat in spite of the fact that he has not been reported as a vegetarian. He spends a lot of time praying and gets upset when his illness prevents him kneeling and bowing his forehead to the ground. He has no family to visit him except one son who arranged admission to the home. He has been asked to be contacted if his father’s health deteriorates. One of the staff believes that Mr. Malek is Jewish.1. What are the difficulties Mr Malek’s situation presents to the palliative care team who are providing care and support?2. Does the service have any responsibility in this situation? Discuss your reasons as to whether you agree/not agree.3. List four (4) strategies that can be used to assist the service to find out more about their client, Mr Malek.4. Outline the options the service has to support Mr Maleks’ cultural needs if it is identified that he is Jewish.Health ScienceScienceNursing CHCECE CHCDIV001

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A new client has transitioned in from the local hospital as
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