Can you please help me answer this case studySHEREE CASE STUDYSheree is a 10-year-old girl who is brought in by her mother to discuss school concerns, after a close friend of Sheree’s mother from church suggested you might be able to help. (Sheree’s family attends church every Sunday and Wednesday, and they find great support in their church community.) Sheree’s mother just attended fall parent teacher conferences at Sheree’s elementary school, and she is very frustrated. Sheree’s 5th grade teacher just completed reading and math assessments, and he has serious concerns about Sheree’s academic performance. She is at least two years behind in reading and writing, and at least a grade behind in math. She seems to daydream a lot and doodles on her papers when she should be listening to instructions in class. She is not disruptive and is very respectful to her teachers and her classmates, but she forgets to turn in her homework on average 2-to 3-days a week. This is the first time Sheree’s mother has been told that her daughter is behind academically. Sheree’s 4th grade teacher mentioned at spring conferences last school year that Sheree seemed to work a little slower than her peers, but because Sheree was cooperative and got along so well with others, this teacher was not concerned. Now, Sheree’s 5th grade teacher is requesting permission from Sheree’s parents to test for attention problems and learning disabilities with the school psychologist. Sheree’s mother is not sure if they should give permission for testing, because she and her husband are not convinced that Sheree needs it, and she is also concerned that Sheree might be “labeled” in some way and face discrimination by the school and her peers.Sheree’s parents were informed by her teacher that the amount of homework has significantly increased this school year, and this is the first year that students are assigned letter grades. Her first report card had some C’s and mostly D’s. Sheree lives with both parents and two younger siblings. Both parents work full – time on different shifts, so that one of them can always be at home. They are often tired, and the family doesn’t get much leisure time. Sheree has two close friends from her neighborhood whom she likes to hang out with, but she has not found any extracurricular activities that she has stuck with for more than a few weeks (sports or school clubs). She is a quiet, pleasant, and healthy appearing girl. Her mother worries that she has basically “slipped through the cracks” at school and would like your advice on what to do. In addition, Sheree’s medical history is significant for Type I Diabetes Mellitus, onset at age six years. She receives care from a Pediatric Endocrinology clinic in a neighboring city and has appointments every six months. She uses an Insulin Pump (with Lantus for backup) and she also has a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor). The most recent report from her Endocrinology team lists a Hgb A1C of 8.2%. Her parents work together in managing her diabetes care.Please discuss the following four topics in your paper, using evidence-based guidelines, if available, and at least three peer-reviewed, professional references.1.History: Analyze key issues that are both addressed and missing in the child and family history relating to:-Social and family history.(Please, assign a cultural/racial/ethnic background to your case study family.)-Past medical history.-Medications/immunizations history. List all vaccinations the child should have received to this point.Review of Symptoms.2.Physical exam: What findings/body systems would you pay particular attention to for this patient, and why?3.Comprehensive Problem list: Develop, in order of priority, a comprehensive list addressing the biological issues (medical diagnoses, required specialist care, safety risks, immunizations, medications), and any psychosocial, spiritual, financial, and educational needs of this child and their family.4.Plan: Develop a comprehensive plan that you, as the primary care provider, would implement to address the needs identified in #3 above. Include specific programs and services that should be provided by the health system and the child’s local school district. (You should investigate if you are not familiar with school systems and services!) What other community referrals would be helpful? Finally, discuss how you would provide culturally sensitive care to the family, based on the background you selected.5.Length: Your paper should be 6-to 7-pages, not including the title page or references.Health ScienceScienceNursing NURS 687

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Can you please help me answer this case studySHEREE CASE STU
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