Comment on their committee or organization involvement and their… Comment on their committee or organization involvement and their description of the implications of nursing political involvement.*use evidence-based reference to support you answer Person #1 An organization that I would like to be a member of is the American Nurses Association. There are many benefits that the American Nurses Association provide to nurses nationwide. The organization consists of professional development opportunities to advance nursing careers, keeps nurses up to date with the latest news in nursing, and support from nurses across the country. The benefits of being a member of the American Nurses Association consists of discounts on certifications and publications, being able to connect with other nurses for support and advice, and having your voice be heard with policy members. According to Echevarria (2018), nurses that have multiple specialties may belong to many different organizations. The cost of being a member to multiple nursing organizations can be costly, therefore a nurse should focus on a specific organization that will be of most value to them (Echevarria, 2018). The American Nurses Association is great nursing organization to start off on because it has the benefit of advancing nursing careers, which is what I am currently doing. Kearney-Nunnery (2020) explained that nurses that participate on boards, their voices are more recognized by policy makers. Policy makers should keep nurses’ feedback in mind because they are front line workers in the healthcare industry when it comes to providing information to assist in drafting bills and gathering support to legislators (Kearney-Nunnery, 2020). Nurses can benefit by serving on boards because it helps them grow professionally and personally (Harper & Benson, 2019). Nurses can influence legislation to address public and/or community policy issues (Kearney-Nunnery, 2020). Nurses should consider being politically active because it can improve patient care and work environments. Kearney-Nunnery (2020) discussed that nurses can increase political involvement by meeting with legislators, providing information to assist in drafting a bill, providing testimony on a committee, contacting legislators to support or not support the proposed legislation, and contacting the president or the governor to sign or veto a proposed legislation. Wilson et al. (2020) noted that nurses have been appointed to roles in government which leads to public policymaking. Nurses that do not become politically involved are lacking awareness of the importance of limited nursing participation in public and community policy (Wilson et al., 2020). Wilson et al. (2020) noted that some nurses do not have time for political involvement and do not have resources and/or enough knowledge on policy. The health and wellbeing of the public can be at risk if nurses do not participate in political processes and discussions. ReferencesEchevarria, I. (2018). Make connections by joining a professional nursing organization. Nursing. 48(12). 35-38.Harper, K. & Benson, L. (2019). Nurses on boards. The importance and impact of nurses serving on boards. Nursing Economic$. 37(4). 209-212.Nurses on Boards. The importance and impact of nurses serving on boards. Nursing Economic$. 37(4). 209-212.Kearney-Nunnery, R. (2020). Advancing your career: concepts of professional nursing (7th ed.). F.A. Davis Company.Wilson, D., Anafi, F., Kusi-Appiah, E., Darko, E., Deck, K. & Errasti-Ibarrondo, B. (2020). Determining if nurses are involved in political action or politics: a scoping literature review. Applied Nursing Research. 54.Person #2 The COVID-19 Pandemic appeared to bring out politics in nursing in both negative and positive ways. According to Politics as a Driving Force in Nursing and Health Care (2020), “politics will always be a major driving force in health care” (Ramsey, p. 4). This pandemic allowed nurses to stand up for issues that are important to the nursing profession (Ramsey, 2020). For example, nurses were taking more patients than usual with less staff, causing unsafe conditions. For nurses to be heard in situations such as these, it is important to educate themselves on policy issues and be active in the political process itself (Ramsey, 2020). Nurses having to stretch themselves thin to take care of patients does not always lead to the safest of care. As a nurse, it is important to always advocate for the patient. Becoming politically involved is an easy way to advocate for patients and ensure they get safe care (Ramsey, 2020). If nurses do not become politically involved, the patients can suffer.   An easy step for nurses to get involved in politics is to join organizations or committees. I am currently a member of the shared governance committee at my hospital. Shared governance committees can be used to improve patient care and work together as a team to improve practices and decision making on the unit (Kanninen et al., 2019). Decisions and ideas from shared governance committees can improve the professional practice of nurses (Kanninen et al., 2019). Although small, this committee is very beneficial to our unit. Sometimes, starting small can help nurses to eventually raise concerns in bigger environments. Our clinical nursing assistants, CNA’s, have been struggling to keep up with the acuity on the unit. After holding only one shared governance committee meeting, we were able to come up with a solution that would allow the CNA’s to have equal acuity among the floor. This allowed them to be able to provide safer care and they were much happier. In time, the shared governance committee will continue to brainstorm beneficial ideas for our unit. ReferencesKanninen, T. H., Häggman-Laitila, A., Tervo-Heikkinen, T., & Kvist, T. (2019). Nursing shared governance at hospitals – it’s finnish future? Leadership in Health Services, 32(4), 558-568. Ramsey, B. (2020). Politics as a driving force in nursing and health Care . Nursing Economics. Health ScienceScienceNursing NUR 300

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