Complete Scope of practice grid (role comparison) below (bring to… Complete Scope of practice grid (role comparison) below (bring to Simulation) Nursing Scope of Practice According to Nurse Practice Act define the following as RN or LPN responsibilities Nursing Practice Definitions RN responsibility– LPN responsibility– Comments—-   (Comprehensive assessment)  (Focused assessment)(Prioritization of care)(Evaluation of nursing actions) (Developing nursing interventions) (Independent nursing interventions) (Participate in the development and modification of a plan of care)(Designing and evaluating teaching plans)(Managing and supervising nursing practice) (Providing health care information)(Assists with evaluation of care) ( Implementing interventions that are delegated, ordered, or prescribed by a licensed health care provider;)(Advocating for the best interests of individual patients) (Case finding and care coordination) (Collaborating and coordinating with other health care professionals in the management and implementation of care) (Assisting and monitoring nursing tasks of UAP) (Delegating nursing tasks or assigning nursing activities)(Accountability for the quality of care delivered, recognizing the limits of knowledge and experience; addressing situations beyond the nurse’s competency) Health ScienceScienceNursing NURS 2420

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Complete Scope of practice grid (role comparison) below (bri
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