Connie is a 73 year old woman who has just moved to the assisted livingfacility where you work. She has moved there because her husband recently passed away and she was living alone and needed assistance. She reports to you that she is very lonely and feels that since her husband passed away, she rarely sees her family. She says she used to be so active but is now bored. She would like to do something with her time but is not sure what to do. She spends all day in her facility apartment with her cat. She says she would like to be able to go to church on Sundays but is unable to drive herself there (her husband used to drive them both to church). Upon visiting her in her new facility apartment, you see that the living area is full of clutter and is messy. There is a large stack of mail sitting on her table, which she says consists mostly of bills that she has not paid (her husband used to handle all of the bills). There is a litter box in the bathroom, which appears to not have been cleaned in a very long time.1) Identify each of the activities/occupations with which the client is having difficulties and indicate the area of occupation into which each belongs according to the Framework. 2) What other examples of activities can be included in the areas of occupation you identified in the case study. 3) What is an intervention that you might consider doing with this patient? Come up with at least 2 activities that will benefit the patient. Health ScienceScienceNursing

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Connie is a 73 year old woman who has just moved to the assi
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