From the scenario provided below, design a poster for a suitable… From the scenario provided below, design a poster for a suitable ISBAR handover for the patient. Include the nursing assessments that would be required for this patient along with any interdisciplinary referrals that may be necessary. Response should include links to the appropriate topic content and the NMBA nursing standards. This section should contain only the information that would be included in the ISBAR handover. Provide reasons/rationales/justification for the content. Consider the key nursing considerations, NMBA standards and ethical consideration in your response. Support discussion with references from a variety of sources. Scenario 3: Susan Marshall, a 36-year-old (DOB 1/5/1985, MRN 234567) presented to her local GP clinic expressing being worried about her 6-year-old son who recently had an accident. Susan describes herself as a “born worrier”, stating that she has always worried about everything. Susan reports having difficulty falling asleep, is impatient with others and cannot focus on her work. Susan also reports frequent muscle aches and pains, shaking and feeling sick in the stomach. The GP has recommended a Mental Health Care Plan and has referred Susan to you the practice RN for assessment and referral. Susan has no significant medical history; Susan’s son was born 6 yrs. ago with a normal vaginal delivery, surgical history is tonsillectomy as a 12-year-old child. No current medicationsHealth ScienceScienceNursing NURS 3005

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From the scenario provided below, design a poster for a suit
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