Knowledge and skills gained in these areas:The role of technology in improving health care outcomesHealth policyLeadership and economic models DIRECTIONS:Please use the SETTING for the answer of a very small county health department [only 5 employees (RNs – no MDs) in the entire small building]. DO NOT use a hospital for any kind of interventions or as a setting please.  PROJECT/PROPOSAL: Vaccine Hesitancy and their attitudes towardit in parents of preteens for the uncommon childhood vaccination of HPV; Intervention is an Educational program to educate providers while they are in medical school about vaccinehesitancy and how to address vaccine-hesitant parents and caregivers. REFERENCES:Figueroa, C.A., Harrison, R., Chauhan, A. et al. Priorities and challenges for health leadership and workforce management globally: a rapid review. BMC Health Serv Res 19, 239 (2019). Hargett, C. W., Doty, J. P., Hauck, J. N., Webb, A. M., Cook, S. H., Tsipis, N. E., Neumann, J. A., Andolsek, K. M., & Taylor, D. C. (2017). Developing a model for effective leadership in healthcare: a concept mapping approach. Journal of healthcare leadership, 9, 69-78.  Ward PR, Attwell K, Meyer SB, Rokkas P, Leask J (2017) Understanding the perceived logic of care by vaccine hesitant and vaccine-refusing parents: A qualitative study in Australia. PLoS ONE 12(10): e0185955.       Health ScienceScienceNursing NRS 493VN

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Knowledge and skills gained in these areas:The role of techn
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