Part C: TreatmentPart C Questions (6 pts): Mr. Jones was prescribed corticosteroids for their general anti-inflammatory effects. He was also instructed that he could take an antihistamine to help with the itching and aspirin for the joint pain. He was instructed to return to the hospital if his condition worsened or he begin to notice gross hematuria (visible blood in the urine). He was also instructed that the symptoms should resolve completely within a week and that he would be fine to return to work when he felt better, although his doctor suggested he should consider finding a different line of work (or at least avoid rattlesnakes) due to the risk of getting bitten a third time and having to receive antivenin again. Mr. Jones was advised to follow-up with his regular doctor in 2 weeks.C1. (2 pts) What is the most likely substance that has triggered Mr. Jones’s reaction and why?C2. (2 pts) If Mr. Jones had not sought treatment, what conditions might have developed?(2 pts) Are there any other treatments that could be performed that could help Mr. Jones?Part D: Follow-upMr. Jones symptoms resolved within 5 days after being discharged from the hospital, and he followed up with his doctor as instructed 2 weeks after being discharged. His doctor reported that his serum sickness disorder had resolved completely. Mr. Jones, however, had several questions for his doctor because he had done some research while he was off from work. Part D Mr. Jones’s Questions:D1.(4 pts) “I see there are several types of hypersensitivity disorders, especially this one called IgE-mediated allergic reactions, which is also called type I hypersensitivity. How is this different from what I had? Doesn’t a type I disorder cause hives, itching, rashes, and edema, too? Why didn’t I have that?” D2.(3 pts) “There’s also this allergic reaction called a delayed-type hypersensitivity or type IV disorder that can also have a delayed reaction. I didn’t get sick until a week after I was given that antivenin, so could that be what I had?” D3.(2 pts) “The doctor at the hospital told me I should find a different line of work because if I got bit again, it could be really bad. Why is that? I like working with snakes.” D4.(2 pts) “The doctor in the hospital mentioned something about sensitization as to why this did not happen the first time I received antivenin. What exactly does that mean? What is sensitization and how did that contribute to the allergic response the second time?”Health ScienceScienceNursing BIOLOGY 390

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Part C: TreatmentPart C Questions (6 pts): Mr. Jones was pre
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