PURPOSE: To analyze a disease process in the pediatric population… PURPOSE: To analyze a disease process in the pediatric population and discuss how growth and development apply to this population. The role of the nurse will also be analyzed and applied to the pediatric population.INSTRUCTIONS: ? Choose one of your patients from Vsim clinical and describe their disease process. Include causes, manifestations, and current treatments available. Use a minimum of 3 scholarly sources with one being your textbook and at least one Peer to Peer reviewed journal article.? Describe the child’s objective head-to-toe assessment IN DETAIL. Include vital signs, neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, integument, musculoskeletal, and general observations (appearance, behavior, cognition). Include a subjective assessment from the patient.? Using the theories from Piaget and Erikson, analyze how this disease process can cause issues for the patient you have chosen.? Describe how the role of the nurse via nursing considerations is important in each of these 5 aspects, listed below. Include at least one intervention and describe the rationale for them for each category that could be used by the nurse in caring for the child.? Nutrition? Health promotion/restoration? Physical activity? Parental involvement? Education ? Use a minimum of 3 sources. One of them can be your textbook. Use the library to search for sources online. The sources you find online must be from a scholarly journal and be less than 5 years old. APA formatting must be used (citations, typed-double space, etc.). If you have any questions please see me. Vsim Patient used for paper: Brittany Long is a 5-year-old African American female with a history of sickle cell disease, diagnosed at 6 months old, and has been prescribed regular folic acid supplement.She was brought into the emergency department during the night by her mother, who stated that the patient has been complaining of right lower leg pain over the last 2 days. Brittany rated her pain as a 10 on the FACES Scale and did not want anyone to touch her leg during assessment. She has not had an appetite in the last 24 hours but has taken small amounts of oral fluids.She has had pain crises before, mostly managed at home with acetaminophen and ibuprofen. She has been hospitalized twice, once at age 4 years for a vaso-occlusive crisis episode and once at age 3 years for a fever.Brittany was given oral pain medication in the emergency department at 6:00 AM. She is asleep but is responsive when awakened. She has been taking small amounts of oral fluids and continues to receive intravenous maintenance fluids at 52 mL/hr. When examined this morning, her blood pressure was 101/70 and her temperature was 37.4°C (99°F). She now rates her pain as a 6. New orders have been given.Health ScienceScienceNursing NO 218

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PURPOSE: To analyze a disease process in the pediatric popul
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