QuestionDirections:Zero to Three1. Read the article from  by Mary Martini, “How Mothers in Four Cultural Groups Feed their Children.” (It is in Canvas as a PDF file.) As you read it, pay attention to your reactions to the four approaches of the feeding routine. Note which approaches you are most comfortable with.2. Read the three questions below and formulate your responses.  Post these to the Forum by clicking on Reply right below this message.3. Read all your co-learners’ posts and reply to any 2 that cause you further reflection, describing your new understandings.The questions regarding the four feeding practices:1. Which aspects of the four feeding practices described in the article do you think best represent your own approach to feeding children under the age of 3 years? Tell which one and how they are similar.2. What values or goals for children does your preferred approach represent for you?3. What does this article cause you to think about in regard to the feeding routines in child care centers for children under 3 years of age, keeping in mind our program goals of being developmentally appropriate: such as, individualizing our care of each child, and making care and education socially and culturally appropriate?  How could you accommodate the cultural practices of each family, especially if they are different than yours? Health ScienceScienceNursing ECED MISC

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QuestionDirections:Zero to Three1. Read the article from  by
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