QuestionPrint, answer questions and bring with you to Education Resources,Penrose Hospital) 1. Spirituality and Stewardship are two of the seven Centura Core Values. ___True ___False 2. The statement SHARE stands for. a. Sense, Help, Acknowledge, Respect, Explain b. Show, Help, Act, Respond, Explain c. Show, Help, Ask, Respect, Explain d. Sense, Help, Ask, Respond, Explain 3. In the “Focus-PDCA” quality improvement process used by PSF, “P” stands for Practice. ___True ___False 4. Any fall resulting in loss of consciousness must be reported immediately to the Patient Safety Manager/designee, in order to meet the reporting requirements, as mandated by the Colorado Department of Health. ___True ___False 5. What number do you call for an emergency in the hospital? a. 911 b. 4321 c. 1234 6. Armband colors have designated patient risks associated with them and need to be taken into account by everyone doing patient care. ___True ___False 7. A friend of yours knows a patient that is being treated at Penrose Hospital and asks you to find out his prognosis. What should you do? a. As a nurse on the floor how the patient is doing and pass the information along to your friend b. Ask your friend how well she knows the patient and then decide how much to tell her c. Explain that it is a violation of the patient’s privacy for you to discuss the patient’s condition d. None of the above 8. Under what circumstances are you free to repeat to others private health information that you hear on the job? a. After you no longer work at PSF b. After a patient dies c. Only if you know the patient would not mind d. When your job requires it e. None of the above 9. Which documents describes how patient’s medical information may be used and disclosed and how they can get access to this information? a. Notice of Privacy Practices b. Consent for Medical Treatment c. Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information d. Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities e. None of the above 10. Which of the examples below is not a common work practice that protects the confidentiality of patient information? a. Keeping computers logged out of the patient information system when not in use b. Storing paper records in a locked file room c. Limiting the number of visitors who can see a patient d. Pointing computer screens away from the public 11. Abuse needs to be reported. Neglect does not. ___True ___False 12. You are suspicious that a patient has been abused or neglected. You would report this to Care Management Services, 776-5173. ___True ___False 13. Only associates who do patient care are responsible for recognizing and reporting abuse or neglect. ___True ___False 14. There are ten (10) codes on the emergency code badge? ___True ___False 15. What is the phone number to activate all emergency codes and obtain emergency assistance from Security? a. 5555 b. 1234 c. 911 16. In the event of a tornado warning or alert, hallways and bathrooms are probably the safest areas. ___True ___False 17. In the event of a bomb threat, there will be an immediate all out evacuation of the building. ___True ___False 18. Burns are the most common cause of a death in a fire. ___True ___False 19. What is the order of the four (4) basic steps to follow in the event of a fire? a. Run, Aim, Control, Exit 1 b. Rescue, Activate, Contain, Extinguish c. Reach, Aim, Close, Exit d. Run, Act, Control, Extinguish 20. What are the four (4) steps to follow in using a fire extinguisher? a. Pull, Activate, Sweep, Store 1 b. Push, Aim, Slow, Sweep c. Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep d. Pull, Activate, Sweep, Squeeze 21. To announce Fire Alarm in the event of a fire you should Call 1234 and pull alarm. ___True ___False 22. In the event of a fire, only a Supervisor or the Fire Department staff can direct you to shut off or close an oxygen valve. ___True ___False 23. Fire Alarm is announced in the event of a fire or a fire drill. ___True ___False 24. If medical equipment is not functioning properly, what steps should be taken? a. Remove from service and call Clinical Engineering b. Remove from service and complete a faulty equipment tag c. Remove from service, complete a faulty equipment tag and call Clinical Engineering 25. All medical equipment used for patient care should be inspected at least every two (2) years. ___True ___False 26. Extension cords used at PSF must be hospital grade (identified by a green dot) and may be any length. ___True ___False 27. Portable heaters may be used in patient areas. ___True ___False 28. Emergency electrical receptacles, identified by red templates and used for all critical patient related functions, will still have power in the event of a power failure. ___True ___False 29. If a coworker is being electrocuted by a piece of electrical equipment, the first step would be to disconnect the power source. ___True ___False 30. Standard Precautions is the system of isolation to be used by all personnel regardless of the patient’s diagnosis and provide barriers against exposure to blood, secretions and excretions. ___True ___False 31. Getting a flu shot is the single most important measure to reduce the risk of transmitting microorganisms from one person to another or from one site to another on the same patient. ___True ___False 32. These are five (5) reasons to wash hands with soap and water instead of alcohol gel – If visibly soiled, before eating, before using the restroom, caring for patient with C Diff Infection, build-up of hand sanitizer. ___True ___False 33. Blood or body fluid exposures should be reported how soon? a. Immediately b. Right Away c. As Soon as Possible d. All the above 34. You can obtain a Blood/Body Fluid Exposure Packet from the Occupational Health Office, the Emergency Department, the Lab or the OR at Penrose Hospital and SFMC. ___True ___False 35. Transmission Based Precautions consist of Airborne Precautions, Droplet Precautions and Contact Precautions and are used in addition to Standard Precautions. ___True ___False 36. Individuals with HIV or Hepatitis may not have any noticeable symptoms. ___True ___False 37. Alcohol-based Instant Hand Sanitizer should be used: before and after any direct patient contact, after contact with inanimate objects in the immediate vicinity of the patient and after contact with body fluids or excretions. ___True ___False 38. Healthcare workers caring for a patient with active TB must wear an N95 Respirator. ___True ___False 39. Detailed information about infection control issues and any personal protective equipment necessary for you to perform your job are available in your work area. ___True ___False 40. A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) provides you with the following information about a chemical – Hazards, Exposure/PPE, Hand Hygiene? ___True ___False 41. A “0”rating listed in the red “Fire Hazard” section of the multi-colored diamond indicates a high degree of flammability. ___True ___False 42. A “4” rating listed in the blue “Health Hazard” section on the multi-colored diamond indicates normal health hazard. ___True ___False 43. Culture does not play a role in Health Care. ___True ___False 44. Centura defines integrity as honesty, directness, respect for commitments made and an adherence to a code of ethical and moral conduct. ___True ___False 45. Due to your Centura affiliation, you are allowed to review any patient’s medical record. ___True ___False 46. Harassment does not require intent to offend. Inappropriate conduct meant as a joke, a prank or even a compliment can be considered harassment. ___True ___False 47. An associate may advertise items they are selling as part of a personal business in the workplace. ___True ___False 48. Centura has an obligation to monitor email and internet use and has the right to do so without notice. ___True ___False 49. We may routinely accept gifts from patients as long as each gift is nominal in value, i.e. under $100. ___True ___False 50. Which of the following are National Patient Safety goals? a. Prevent Infection b. Use alarms on medical equipment safety c. Use medications safely d. Identify patients at risk for suicide e. Prevent mistakes in surgery f. Improve staff communication g. None of the above h. All the aboveHealth ScienceScienceNursing NUR 206

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