QuestionYou are a support worker for a sixty-five-year-old lady named Sumi.Sumi has been living alone in her home for past decade with her children and as such is used to someone always attending to whatever she needs done. Recently both her children moved interstate. Due to a recent hip replacement Sumi has limited mobility and uses a wheelchair, she has recently moved into your aged care facility.Sumi originally migrated from Taiwan as a young woman and has many friends from Chinese and Taiwanese cultural background. She can speak and understand English and likes to speak in her language with some of her friends. She would like to keep in contact with her friends. Sumi is not very religious but follows Buddhism.She enjoys looking after plants but cannot do much gardening due to her limited mobility, she likes to play clarinet and read books. Sumi is also not very confident of managing her finances and keeps forgetting her medical appointments.While supporting Sumi discuss how you would address each of the following: a.   Provide a safe environment, identify hazards and report according to organisation proceduresb.   Provide support that allows Sumi to self-manage their own service delivery c.   Identify the model of service and suggest ways to create and facilitate opportunities for Sumi to participate in activities that reflect her individual physical, social, cultural and spiritual needs d.   Encourage Sumi to become independent to the extent possibleHealth ScienceScienceNursing SIT 314

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QuestionYou are a support worker for a sixty-five-year-old l
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