September 28, 2019:Paula Diego, 54-year-old mother of two came to… September 28, 2019: Paula Diego, 54-year-old mother of two came to the clinic for a gynecological check-up. Ms. Diego asks about the possibility of her getting her first mammography.  It has been 3 years since her last appointment and she does not have a PCP, and sees no MD other than her gynecologist. During the history taking and physical assessment, the nurse asked about the patient’s general health. The patient mentioned some pain in her back that started yesterday and moved across her posterior chest to the anterior under her right breast. Current vital signs are:  BP 130/85, Pulse 77, respiratory rate 18 and tympanic temperature of 99.2° F and a pulse ox reading of 99%. Identify Key findings /significance and implications and for nursing care Priority Nursing Diagnosis  & nursing interventions DATE / TIME/ EVENT30 September 0900Pt calls to report that the pain in her back and under her breast is worse and asks what to do.Nursing Response & Rationale: Health ScienceScienceNursing NURS 310

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September 28, 2019:Paula Diego, 54-year-old mother of two ca
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