Sickle Cell Case Study: A 40 year old male patient is admitted to you with a confirmed diagnosis of non-healing leg wound with Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) colonization. Unfortunately, he had to have surgery three weeks ago for a diabetic ulcer debridement and the wound is now dehisced. You must complete a health history, including medications the patient is currently taking. When answering these questions, reflect on how the primary medical diagnoses will affect his care. Use your textbooks (Medical-Surgical Nursing by Elsevier) or other resources to develop the following regarding the nursing care and discharge teaching relevant to the medical diagnosis provided above. 1.) Describe the Pathophysiology of at least two of the medical problem your patient has. (How does it affect normal function?)?2.) ?What are the signs/symptoms commonly associated w/ these problems??3.). ?What history data is important for this condition? 4.). Using these signs/symptoms, and any description of condition provided above, create data that you would find on physical assessment if you were actually caring for this patient. 5.) What special assessments/monitoring would be needed for this patient? What special care may be necessary? 6.) Create fake vital signs for your patient relevant to the condition described above. Explain how the patient condition affects vital signs. How often should they be checked/documented? 7.) What diagnostic tests (specific to condition) would you expect the physician to order for this condition? Describe how the test would be useful and the expected results. What patient preparation/teaching is necessary? What post-procedure care is necessary? What surgical procedures may be necessary? 8. List at least 5 medication that you would expect this patient to be taking for his current condition or his past medical history. Why? Therapeutic effects? Adverse effects to monitor for? (Answer these questions for each medication). 9. Assume for a moment that your patient has just arrived on your unit, what important data (relevant to this condition) is needed before you call the physician for orders??10. ?What diet would you expected for this patient??11.) ?What activity level is expected for this patient?? 12.) ?What nursing diagnoses (at least 3) are appropriate for this ???patient??13.) ?Prioritize the diagnoses.?14.)How did you determine the order of prioritization of the ???nursing diagnoses??15.) ?List at least 3 interventions for 2 of the nursing diagnoses??16.) Which interventions can you delegate to an ?? ???unlicensed person? 17.) You have cared for this patient for 2 days. You’re taking report from the night nurse. Create the shift report information you would expect from your patient (w/ at least one complication). 18.)The physician just came in and wrote discharge orders for your patient. What are the most important teaching instructions for this patient or family? -Health ScienceScienceNursing NSP 2011

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Sickle Cell Case Study: A 40 year old male patient is admitt
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