The expectations you have of your sources to be reliable, trustworthy,and accurate also apply to you. As a graduate student beginning to contribute to an ongoing scholarly discussion in your field, you are expected to both adhere to conventions for using sources (citing them correctly) and to integrate them into you own work in an ethical manner. For example, ethical researchers avoid downplaying important facts or quoting sources out of context to bolster their own arguments. Consider that, as part of becoming a graduate scholar in your field, you too may be becoming a “source” that others will rely on for accurate, trustworthy, and timely information. Discuss your obligations as a graduate student transitioning to a scholar in your field. What ethical obligations do you have as a master’s-prepared researcher and scholar in your field, and what strategies can you apply to encourage others to be ethical as well?Health ScienceScienceNursing UNV 506

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The expectations you have of your sources to be reliable, tr
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