The model of conflict resolution has five parts:1) Avoiding- This often is the first step as we muster up the courage to face the conflict at hand.2) Accommodating- This is when we take steps to satify the other person’s issues while sometimes sacrificing our own desires. It is a quick way to resolve conflict but not the best.3) Compromise- A compromise is when both people agree to something that doesnt necessarily satisfy anyone, but does resolve the issue.4) Competing- A person who competes in a comflict will try to satisfy their own desires to the other person’s expense.5) Collaborating- Collabortaion is finding a solution to the problem that satifies everyone involved. It usually involves communcation and working together to find the resolution.I once had an issue at my job as a CNA. I had just arrived to work and there is another aide who had asked me to get a resident off of the beside commode and put her into bed. The resident told me that apparently she had been sitting there for hours waiting for someone to help her get up. I also helped her roomate get changed and into bed. After I got the resident in bed and cleaned up the area, I went back to the nurses station to get my assignment for the night. My coworker that asked me to do the work for her asked the nurse to assign that room to her. In my head I got extrememly annoyed because she just asked me to that work for her, and I did it assuming that room would be mine for the night since ive already started on it. I made a compromise to myself and didnt say anything, I let her take the room even though I already did much of the work for it. At the end of the night, it was still bugging me so I decided to say something to my coworker. I explained to her that I was a little upset because I felt like I did her work for her, when I hsve enough work of my own to do. She immediately apologized and explained to me that she had been working for 6 hours already when my shift began and needed to rest for a while before she could contuinue working. I totally understood, we all need a break every now and then so our bodies can hold themselves up all day. I assured her that I am no longer upset because I understand or empathize with her situation of being exhausted. I then asked her to please explain to me the reaosning for asking me to do something next time she needs me to. If she had taken an extra second to explain to me that she understands its her work, but she was too exhausted and needed to rest. In the future I will be more diligent to make sure that delegated tasks arent going to overrun myself or any of my coworkers. In this partiocular situation, I compromised for my coworker, but in the future we will be able to collaborate.¬†what would be a good response?Health ScienceScienceNursing NUR 261

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The model of conflict resolution has five parts:1) Avoiding-
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