1- Do You Know Your Chemotherapy? Match the information about the… 1- Do You Know Your Chemotherapy?Match the information about the varied chemotherapeutic medications used for clients with oncological disorders with a focus on assessment for side effects and nursing interventions that are appropriate. There is only one correct answer for each medication. Chemotherapy Medications Side Effects/Nursing Interventions Cisplatin a. Breast assessment re: treatment breast cancerDoxorubicin b. May cause ototoxicity/nephrotoxicityTrastuzumab c. May cause neurotoxicityFilgrastimd. Assess for cerebellar dysfunctionCyclophosphamide e. Monitor ECG changes consistently5-Fluorouracil f. Assess for elevated cholesterol levelsTamoxifen citrate g. Assess for increases in neutrophils Vincristine sulfateh. Monitor for hemorrhagic cystitisHealth ScienceScienceNursing

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1- Do You Know Your Chemotherapy? Match the information abou
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