1)When two additional healthcare providers begin admitting clients… 1)     When two additional healthcare providers begin admitting clients to an oncology….hired because of cost containment issues. What strategy should the nurse-manager implement first?a)      Write a letter requesting that more nurses be hired b)     Recommend outsourcing certain treatments to the healthcare providersc)      Inform the administrator that the employees are dissatisfiedd)     Involve the staff in developing a schedule that meets the acuity level2)   While admitting a client to the surgical unit who had a pneumonectomy 4 years ago, the call system alarm is initiated by a client in another….the nurse implement?a)      Complete the postoperative admission assessment then investigate the call bell alarmb)     Tell the unit clerk to ask the client via the intercom what is neededc)      Ask a coworker to respond to the client whose call bell is alarmingd)     Investigate the reason for the call bell alarm then complete the admission assessment.3  The nurse should assess the client with which problem first?a)      Dependent rubor related to the arterial insufficiency b)     Skin pallor due to Raynaud’s phenomenon.c)      Edema surrounding a venous stasis ulcerd)     Paresthesia secondary to an arterial occlusion4     In assigning client care to a nurse and practical nurse (PN), it is most important to assign which…a)      Is two days post thyroidectomy and is unable to speak clearly due to laryngeal nerve damage.b)     Is newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism and who is to receive the first dose of levothyroxinec)      Is exhibiting signs of Addison’s crisis after corticosteroids were discontinued.d)     Has diabetes and has an elevated serum glycosylated Hgb (Hgb A1C)5    …nurse is reviewing laboratory findings for a group of clients with gastrointestinal diseases. Which client is at greatest…a)       A 19-year old with fever, elevated white blood cell count, and lower right quadrant pain.b)     An elderly man complaining of lower abdominal camping and left quadrant tendernessc)      A young adult woman who reports frequent diarrhea that is occasionally bloodyd)     A middle-aged woman who reports lower abdominal pain relieved by defecation6    Charge nurse in an emergency center is planning client care assignments for the staff. Which action may be…a)      Evaluate client teaching through return demonstrationb)     Remove a peripheral intravenous (PIV) catheter c)      Establish blood pressure parameters for client monitoring d)     Provide client with resources and discharge teaching 7    A male practical nurse (PN) is reluctant to use new blood glucose monitoring equipment despite having…action is best for the charge nurse to take?a)      Observe the PN while he uses the new equipmentb)     Assure the PN that he has the needed skills c)      Encourage the PN to use the old equipment until he gains confidenced)     Demonstrate the procedure to the PN8     The unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) reports a temp of 101F (38.3 C) for a client with pneumonia. Which…assign to the UAP?a)      Get client out of bed four times a day as tolerated b)     Talk about ways to stop cigarette smokingc)      Check if client is doing breathing exercisesd)     Offer 120mL of oral fluids every 2 hours9    A female employee reports to the charge nurse that she has developed a rash on her hands and arms. What action…?a)      Ask the employee if she is allergic to latexb)     Instruct the employee to complete an incident reportc)      Assess the employee for systemic allergic responsesd)     Suggest using a different soap for hand washing10   During an evening shift on a medical unit, the only nurse on the unit is busy with an unstable client. The unit clerk, who is also both a certified medical…unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP), reports to the nurse that a healthcare provider is on the telephone and wishes to prescribe a PRN dose of an…laxative for a client who is constipated. What instruction should the nurse provide for the unit clerk?a)      Be sure to write down what is prescribed and then repeat it back to the healthcare providerb)     Tell the healthcare provider the nurse will return the phone call as soon as possiblec)      Ask the healthcare provider to remain on “hold” until the nurse can confirm the prescriptiond)     Remain with this client and monitor the vital signs while the nurse takes the call11    A male college student is brought to an emergency clinic by his friends because they report that he has been vomiting for the past 3 days…poisoning. Laboratory findings indicate that the client’s potassium level is 2.5mEq/L, so he is admitted to a local hospital…important for the nurse to include in this client’s plan of care?a)      Assess level of consciousness every 4 hoursb)     Inject prescribed potassium chloride IV push slowly.c)      Instruct client on dietary intake of potassium-rich foodsd)     Monitor client’s electrocardiogram continuously12     Aspirin 81 mg at 09:00 daily is prescribed for an adult client. At 06:00 the client asks for something for low…prescribed. Which action is best known for the nurse to take?a)      Assess the client’s prothrombin time (PT)/INRb)     Wait until 08:30 and administer the aspirinc)      Administer the prescribed daily aspirin nowd)     Obtain a prescription for a PRN analgesic13    Contact precautions are being implemented for a client with cellulitis of the right foot. The nurse observes…to her by the client’s family in this client’s room. What action should the nurse take?a)      Send a saliva specimen from the UAP to the laboratory for cultureb)     Report the possibility of cross-contamination to infection controlc)      Add an update on isolation protocols to the staff meeting agendad)     Tell the UAP not to ingest anything while in a contact isolation room14    The charge nurse is making client assignments in the intensive care department. The healthcare team consists of…years’ experience, and a new graduate nurse who just completed a 12-week internship. Which client should the nurse…? a)      A client with multisystem failure secondary to a motor vehicle collision.b)     A client with chest tubes secondary to a stab wound to the chest.c)      A client in end stage liver failure who is experiencing esophageal bleedingd)     A client with adult respiratory distress syndrome who is on a ventilator15     A practical nurse (PN) reports to the charge nurse that the transparent dressing covering a single lumen central venous catheter inserted in the…has come loose and the insertion site is inflamed. Which action should the charge nurse implement?a)      Instruct the PN to remove the intravenous catheter and apply a sterile pressure dressing over the siteb)     Assist the PN with removal of the transparent dressing and apply warm soaks to the inflated area c)      Notify the unit manager that the PN needs additional instruction in care of clients with central venous cathetersd)     Confirm the findings of the PN while securing the transparent dressing and notify the healthcare provider16   The nurse receives a telephone prescription from the healthcare provider…antibiotic and a nebulizer treatment now and PRN. After reading prescription back to the healthcare provider…nurse implement first?a)      Administer a nebulizer breathing treatment b)     Apply portable oxygen for transport to radiology c)      Start the prescribed antibiotic d)     Evaluate breathing pattern17    The nurse determines that an IV vesicant chemotherapy infusion is infiltrated. In responding to this finding, which task…assistive personnel (UAP)?a)      Reapply cold compresses to the site of the extravasation q1hb)     Teach the client about the need to keep the extremity elevatedc)      Record the client’s pulse volume digital to the IV site q1hd)     Dispose of the IV tubing after the infusion is discontinued18     When making assignments for residents of a long-term care facility who require assistance with…nurse (PN) rather than the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP)?a)      An elderly woman who refuses to eat most meals servedb)     An older, edentulous client who has loose fitting denturesc)      A disabled client who is learning to use adaptive equipmentd)     A client who drools but swallows solids after many attempts19  The nurse is reviewing full risk precautions…the highest risk for…?a)      Mini-mental state exam score of 22b)     Braden scale score of 13c)      Fasting blood sugar of 98mg/dl (5.4mmol/L SI)d)     Hemoglobin of 13 grams/dl (130 grams/L SI)20  The nurse is observing the staff provide care to a client with AIDS who was…pneumonia. Which staff scenario requires intervention by the nurse?a)      Unlicensed assistive personnel wearing a mask to take client’s blood pressureb)     Laboratory technician wearing gloves while performing venipuncturec)      Housekeeper using a bleach solution to remove spilled bloodd)     Practical nurse performing handwashing when leaving the rom21  The nurse manager conducts regular audits of patient care medication responds and notices that this amount…evening shift on a postsurgical unit is higher than usual. Which action should the nurse manager take first?a)      Discuss with healthcare provider a plan to change client analgesiab)     Question clients about effectiveness of pain medication.c)      Hold a mandatory staff meeting to discuss the findings of documentation auditd)     Conduct a closer examination of staff nurse’s distribution of pain medication22  The charge nurse observes a staff nurse talking loudly with a social worker about a client’s referral to…providers in the nurse’s station area. Which action should the charge nurse implement?a)      Ask the nurse to lower her voice while discussing the client’s conditionb)     Recommend conducting the conversation in a more private work areac)      Allow the discussion to continue since no one else is presentd)     Suggest they delay the conversation until the client can participate23  While the registered nurse (RN) is preparing to take the vital signs of a newly admitted client with heart failure, a practical nurse (PN) enters the client’s…to the RN that another client just pulled out his central venous catheter and the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) is in the room with the client. The…newly admitted client is to receive a stat dose of an oral antianxiety medication. How should the RN assign the needed care?a)      The RN should provide care for the client who removed the central venous catheter while the PN administers the stat…obtains the newly admitted client’s vital signsb)     The UAP should remain with the client who removed the central venous catheter while the PN administers the stat…finishes the admission vital signsc)      The PN should stay with the client who removed the central venous catheter while the RN completes admission…administers the stat medicationd)     The PN should provide care for the client who removed the central venous catheter while the UAP obtains the…client and the RN administers the stat medication24  The nurse manager is encouraging the hospital nursing administrators to seek magnet status for an acute care hospital. Which rationale…describe the greatest advantage of obtaining magnet status?a)      Serves as an excellent marketing tool for the hospitalb)     Helps to recruit baccalaureate prepared registered nurses for bedside client care.c)      Identifies facilities that provide the most servicesd)     Recognizes a healthcare facility as exceptional in providing excellent client care25  Which older client should the charge nurse assign to the most experienced nurse?a)      An 83-year old client in end stage liver failure who is terminally ill and has a do not resuscitate prescriptionb)     A 72-year old client with type 1 diabetes mellitus who is newly diagnosed and scheduled for dischargec)      An 80-year old client admitted with chronic constipation and a fecal impactiond)     A 75-year old who is being evaluated for possible total knee replacement26  The receptionist working in an outpatient clinic provides the nurse with a list of clients who need a return call from the…description first?a)      Right leg cast with a tingling down the legb)     Rheumatoid arthritis having trouble sleepingc)      Hepatitis A complaining of arms and legs itchingd)     Spiral osteomyelitis with complaint of nausea27)  At 07:30, two clients with diabetes mellitus need capillary blood glucose levels obtained and subcutaneous sliding scale insulin…the client needs to be delivered. Which tasks should the nurse assign to an unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP)?a)      Perform the capillary glucose measurementsb)     Monitor a client’s self-administration of insulinc)      Explain the purpose of sliding scale insulind)     Describe the symptoms of low blood glucosee)     Deliver meal trays to the clients with diabetes28)  When making assignments on a psychiatric unit, it is most essential for the charge nurse to assign a nurse to the client with a)      Bipolar disorder, who requires discharge teaching prior to going homeb)     Chronic alcoholism, who is being discharged to a half-way housec)      Depression, who was admitted during the night and denies any suicide ideationsd)     Schizophrenia, who has been on the unit for 4 days and is attending scheduled activitiesHealth ScienceScienceNursing NURS 4416

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