70.  Patient presents for initial evaluation complaining of severepruritic rash on her left and right antecubital fossa x 4 days. Reports rash began on her arms, erupted and spread to her forearms and lower extremities. Also has multiple lesions across her chest area. Denies any new lotions, soaps, foods, pets, or clothes. No previous history of dermatitis. Denies fever, chills, other than rash, all other systems are unremarkable. Exam: diffuse vesicular lesions across upper torso, forearms, and thighs. Erythematous area of lesions in her right and left popliteal fossa. Vesicular lesions, etiology unknown. If no improvement in next 24-48 hours should consider dermatological consult. MDM was documented as straightforward.  99212 think its this one 992029920499213Health ScienceScienceNursing HIS MISC

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70.  Patient presents for initial evaluation complaining of
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