Alice is the school health coordinator for Wagoner County, a rural… Alice is the school health coordinator for Wagoner County, a rural county whose main farm crop is tobacco. Nurse Alice would like to evaluate the risky health behaviors of middle and high school students in Wagoner County. She decides to use the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to assess students’ current health behaviors. Survey results reveal that many students are trying and using tobacco as early as 12 years of age. Furthermore, the survey shows that the students were trying to get cigarettes by stealing them from parents and siblings who smoked or from unsupervised cigarette machines. They also obtained cigarettes through older students who were able to buy them at convenience stores without being asked for ID. Of students who were smoking on a regular basis, 40% believed that smoking was bad for them and had tried to quit, but were unsuccessful.With help from school administrators, school nurses, and volunteers, Nurse Alice develops a health promotion plan to reduce adolescent tobacco use. School nurses in the middle and high schools will provide smoking cessation classes to help teens who are using tobacco quit smoking. Smoking cessation classes will also be offered to family members of students in the schools. Additionally, school principals created the new policy that smoking is not allowed by anyone (e.g. students, teachers or parents) on school grounds.Answer the following questions about this case study:1) What are the advantages and disadvantages of Nurse Alice’s using a health-risk appraisal survey to assess the health risks of students at her school?2) What social factors does Nurse Alice need to be aware of when planning a health promotion program to decrease tobacco use among adolescents? Why is it important to keep these things in mind?3) With use of the Integrative Model for Community Health Promotion, what is Nurse Alice’s focus of care, and what client system in her health promotion plan will decrease adolescent smoking? (Hint: There is more than one client system).Please include references if any are used and they should be less than five years.Health ScienceScienceNursing NURSING BS 4206

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Alice is the school health coordinator for Wagoner County, a
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