Assignment – Computers in Medical Office.  Gretta is working at the? check-out station in the front office of Pearson Physicians Group. It is? 11:30 am, and her? coworker, Michele, has just left for her lunch break. Gretta now must keep an eye on the? check-in station as well as manning her post at? check-out. Sabrina Hetz has approached the? check-out desk to schedule her? follow-up appointment. At the same? time, a delivery man approaches the? check-in window with a package that must be signed for. Gretta politely asks Mrs. Hetz if she would mind waiting while she signs for the? package, and Mrs. Hetz easily agrees. While Gretta is signing for the? package, Mrs. Hetz takes a peek at the computer? screen, which is easily visible. She notices that the daily schedule has an appointment blocked for a V. Hetz. When Gretta? returns, Mrs. Hetz? says, ?”I see that there is a V. Hetz coming in this afternoon. Is that my? father-in-law, Vernon?” Gretta? replies, ?”Yes, as a matter of? fact, I believe it? is.” ?”Oh, I hope he? isn’t sick. Does it say why he is coming? in?” Mrs. Hetz asks. Gretta? answers, ?”No, it? doesn’t say on this screen. That information is not something I would be allowed to share without the? patient’s permission.”Review the first paragraph. Given the? situations, how might Gretta have done a better job of ensuring patient? privacy?.Review the boldface statement. Is? Greta’s response appropriate to Mrs.? Hetz’s question?Health ScienceScienceNursing BIOLOGY MISC

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Assignment – Computers in Medical Office.  Gretta is working
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