Case Study Patient and Family Education Brief Patient History Mr. S… Case Study Patient and Family EducationBrief Patient History Mr. S is a 30-year-old Vietnamese-American man who is employed as a fisherman. Mr. S is married and has three children younger than 5 years. He was diagnosed a few months earlier with type 1 diabetes mellitus after a 30-lb weight loss and a change in visual acuity. He has had two admissions for diabetic ketoacidosis in the past month.Clinical Assessment Mr. S was admitted to the critical care unit with diabetic ketoacidosis 2 days ago. His condition has been stabilized, and he is ready to be transferred to a nursing unit today. Mr. S states that he does not understand why “this keeps happening” because he takes his insulin if he plans on eating but does not always eat. Mr. S’s wife states that his blood sugar seems to be okay when he is at home, but that he gets into trouble when offshore.Diagnostic Procedures These laboratory results were obtained on admission: blood glucose level of 620 mg/dL, carbon dioxide concentration of 11 mEq/L, and pH of 7.25. Ketones were identified in the urine and blood. Assessment of learning needs identified a deficit in understanding regarding glucose monitoring and insulin requirements while away from home.Medical DiagnosisMr. S is diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis resulting from lack of understanding of diabetic management in a variety of settings.Questions1. What major outcomes do you expect to achieve for this patient?2. What problems or risks must be managed to achieve these outcomes?3. What interventions could be initiated to monitor, prevent, manage, or eliminate the problems and risks identified?4. What interventions could be initiated to promote optimal functioning, safety, and well-being of the patient?5. What technology can be used to monitor this patient and prevent complications?6. What other interprofessional team members are needed to assist with the management of this patient?7. What possible learning needs would you anticipate for this patient?8. What cultural and age-related factors might have a bearing on the patient’s plan of care?Health ScienceScienceNursing NUR 103

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