Chapter 1-3 Define the nursing process Understand the types of… Chapter 1-3 ·      Define the nursing process ·      Understand the types of collection databases (ex. emergency, follow-up, episodic, & complete)·      Differentiate between objective and subjective data & being able to provide examples of each·      Recall the 3 types of prevention and ability to provide examples: primary, secondary, and tertiary ·      Describe the HEEADSSS method for interviewing adolescents Chapter 4-5 ·      The physical setting of the interview ·      Differentiate open and closed-ended questions (pros/cons) & being able to provide examples·      Implement developmental considerations when interviewing other groups (i.e., infants, toddlers, adolescents, hearing-impaired, anxious, crying…)·      Describe OPQRSTU·      Provide a general overview of the complete health history  Chapter 9-10 ·      Differentiate normal range for vital signs across the lifespano  What is the recommended way to obtain an infant’s temperature?o  How do you take a blood pressure?·      Describe the general survey & provide examples·      Discuss inspection, palpation, percussion & auscultation (IPPA) – uses, outcomes·      Demonstrate IPPA techniqueso  Understand developmental considerations for infants & toddlers (What recommendations should a health care provider implement to have a successful health assessment? Eg, having the parent present… etc.)o  Understand the different percussion notes·      List the order of IPPA in different circumstances (eg, performing abdominal assessment vs. cardiovascular assessment)Health ScienceScienceNursing NURSING NRSG1006

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Chapter 1-3 Define the nursing process Understand the types
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