Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making Strategies:… Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making  Strategies:1. What are the best practices tool to support a Client Who is Dying. 2. What are the tools that would aid you when you are supporting a client who is dying, for example, a checklist of best practices. 3. Based on what you have learned about end-of-life care, what regular observations should be made:· In respect to physical changes and comfort needs of the client?· In respect to mental or emotional changes in the client? 4. How the information about end of life care best practice will influence choices you will make about care-giving practice and how they will evaluate the care they provide. 5. Case Study: Decision-­-Making Regarding Reporting Changing Client Condition 6. The following case study is used with permission of Island Health It’s not unusual for a client status to change quickly in the acute care settings. HCAs need to be aware of how to communicate effectively in regards to the changes in a client’s conditions in order to ensure their safety and well-being.What are your signs and symptoms you observe with patient Mr. stark on the case scenario provided below? As a support worker what are your care plans to this patient. For the past few months, Greg, a HCA, has been working full time on a surgical unit. He is getting to know the team members and enjoys the opportunity to work in partnership with the health care team.For the past few shifts, Greg has been supporting care for Mr. Stark. Mr. Stark is 67 years old and is a retired teacher. He had surgery 6 days ago to remove a tumor in his small intestine and now has a colostomy bag. He has been progressing well after the surgery and is looking forward to returning home to his wife. Mr. Stark plans to independently manage his colostomy care with assistance from a community based nurse as required.Greg is stopped by Mr. Stark while doing his hourly care rounds. Mr. Stark indicates that he is feeling like he is going to vomit and needs help. Mr. Stark’s RN, Jane, is currently in a family meeting with another patient. Health ScienceScienceNursing Health HCA204

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