From the chosen case study identify and discuss two (2) signs or… At 10:30am – Billy takes in small amounts of soft food.Ten minutes later, he vomits and shortly after appears tohave a seizure in the form of eye ?xation an… Show more… Show moreI S?ua?on 0 You are rostered to work the morningshift (0?:00 ? 15:30hours] and are allocated tocare for Bill}:r ° Bill}:r is ID years old … Show more… Show more’ Billy’s mother. Sarah reporB that Billy’scomplexion appears palel he is sweaty,and he has voided only a sma… Show more… Show moreBackground – Billy was diagnosed at two months of agewith dyskinetic cerebral palsy. – Curren?y Billy hasdecreased functional motor ability character… Show more… Show moreAssessment – Billy’s height and body weight are withinthe 25?5-3Ith percentile (Height 132 cm; weight 29kg]. – Over the past three to four days, his m… Show more… Show more’ He has been admitted to the pediatric wardwith a diagnosis of post ? streptococcalglomerulonephritis … Show moreFrom the chosen case study identify and discuss two (2) signs or symptoms of clinical deterioration reported by the family member, making connections between the related pathophysiology and the patient’s reported admission diagnosis.Identify one (1) priority problem associated with the patient’s clinical presentation and signs or symptoms of clinical deterioration (identified in point 1). Justify why the selected problem is a clinical priority within the case. Use contemporary research to support your justification. 3. Discuss two (2) evidence based clinical interventions to address the priority problem and how to evaluate the efficacy of these interventions.Health ScienceScienceNursing NUR 236

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From the chosen case study identify and discuss two (2) sign
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