Hi everyone,I am Jean Etienne , and I am sending you this request to help me with this assignment below. Thanks in advance for your support.Respiratory AssessmentNUR2180 Physical Assessment Patient _______________________________________   Age_________  Gender _________Reason for Visit _______________________________________________________________ 1.     Health History (No or Yes, Explain)a.      Do you have a cough?           b.     Any shortness of breath?c.      Any chest pain with breathing?d.     Any past history of lung disease? e.      Ever smoke cigarettes? What age did you start?How many per day? For how long? Ever tried to quit?f.       Any living or work conditions that affect your breathing? g.     Last TB skin test, chest x-ray, flu vaccine? 2.     Physical Examination (Refer to our class worksheet for normal/abnormal findings)A.   Inspection1.     Thoracic Cage_________________________Any deformity?_____________2.     Respiratory rate and pattern________________________________________                      3.  Skin and nails___________________________________________________                      4.  Person’s position_________________________________________________                      5.  Person’s facial expression__________________________________________                      6.   Level of consciousness___________________________________________B.    Palpation1.  Confirm symmetric chest expansion__________________________________2.  Tactile fremitus__________________________________________________3.  Skin temperature and moisture______________________________________4.  Detect any lumps, masses or tenderness_______________________________5.  Trachea________________________________________________________ C.    Percussion1.     Determine percussion that predominates over lung fields_________________ D.   Auscultation1.     Listen: posterior, lateral, anterior____________________________________2.     Any abnormal breath sounds?_______________________________________ If so, perform bronchophony_______________________________________ Whispered pectriloquy____________________________________________ Egophony______________________________________________________3.     Any adventitious sounds?__________________________________________ Subjective Data: (list)  Objective Data (list)  Assessment: (written narrative)  2 Actual or Potential Risks:             Adapted from: Jarvis, C . (2020). Physical examination and health assessment (8th ed.)Study Guide. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.   Health ScienceScienceNursing NUR 2180

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Hi everyone,I am Jean Etienne , and I am sending you this re
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