in Appendix A in your textbook. Describe the competencies as outlined by the NAPNES within the six standards of professional practice:Professional BehaviorsCommunicationAssessmentPlanningCaring InterventionsManagingWhat is your current competency level within these standards?For each standard, choose ONE competency and complete a comprehensive self-assessment using Patricia Benner’s From Novice to Expert theory (novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, or expert) and determine your level of competence.Patricia Benner’s From Novice toExpert (Links to an external site.)heory/Patricia_Benner_From_Novi (Links to an external site.)ce_to_Expert.htmlIdentify your strengths and weaknesses and describe actions that would support improvement and advancement of your skills in professional behavior and communication capabilities.Provide examples to justify your appraised strengths and weaknesses. Discuss methods of continued growth in each of your areas of weakness to advance to a higher level of competency as described in Benner.Create a final paper using APA writing conventions; include a title page, conclusion, and reference page. For your professional development plan, please include all six competencies. Professional behavior, communication, assessment, planning, care intervention and managing. These are the building blocks for your self-assessment and strategic plan for improvement.Health ScienceScienceNursing NUR 103

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