Hx. HYPERTENSION, TYPE 2 DIABETES 57-year-old male construction… Hx. HYPERTENSION, TYPE 2 DIABETES 57-year-old male construction worker arrives at 0600 to be prepared for a partial thyroidectomy to determine if he has cancer. His past symptoms for three months have been that he noticed a slight hoarseness in speaking, a slight dry cough not related to a cold, and upon examination had a “pea-size lump on the center of his neck”. His Endocrinologist had a radioiodine scan performed that showed a suspicious area. The plan is to obtain a biopsy from several areas of the thyroid gland, and hopefully to leave as much as possible in place. Roger knows that it will take three days after surgery to determine if he has cancer, but does not understand the implications resulting from a thyroidectomy. (Lifetime thyroid replacement medication.) Past Medical History of Hypertension, Diabetes Type 2. HyperlipidemiaHistory and PhysicalPatient is an otherwise healthy 57 year old male with the complaint of a neck mass first noticed two weeks ago. The mass has increased in size and is palpable. Ultrasound of the thyroid and lateral neck showed a large mass of the left thyroid, but no right or left neck lymphadenopathy. Chest x-ray identified no abnormalities in left or right lung and no lymphadenopathy. Fine needle aspiration (FNA) of neck mass was performed and diagnosed carcinoma. Patient will be admitted for total thyroidectomy.MedicationsHydrochlorothiazide capsule 12.5mg orally once dailyNifedipine ER tab 60mg orally once dailyAspirin tab 81mg once dailyatorvastatin tab 30mg orally once daily at bedtimelisinopril tab 10mg once orally daily metformin tab 500mg orally once daily omeprazole coated capsule 20mg orally twice dailySynthroid 25 mcg orally once daily before meal Recommended Nursing DiagnosisAcute Pain R/T ____________Risk for Impaired Airway Clearance R/T _____Impaired Verbal Communication R/T _____Risk for Injury R/T ___________Deficient Knowledge R/T __________TREATMENT/LABORATORY/ DIAGNOSTIC STUDIES1. Ultrasound of the thyroid and lateral neck2. Chest X-ray3. Complete blood count4. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel5. Thyroid scan/Biopsy6. Thyroid profile T3, T4, TSH7. Blood Type & Crossmatch8. Glucose Monitoring9. Vital signs Monitoring10. Weights once weeklyPlease write:Two nursing diagnoses: Nursing Diagnosis #1 and Nursing Diagnosis #2:ASSESS, PLAN: EXPECTED OUTCOME, NURSING INTERVENTION, RATIONALE FOR INTERVENTION, EVALUATE (Progress toward outcome).Note significant results of Lab results and/or medical testing. Include EKG sheet or telemetry strip if on monitoring.  Medical History: Surgical History:  Admitting Diagnosis: Subjective DataObjective DataAlso, if you can please name all meds prescribed.Health ScienceScienceNursing NURS 22000

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Hx. HYPERTENSION, TYPE 2 DIABETES 57-year-old male construct
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