-Imagine you are an online instructor and a student has posteda “less than scholarly” response. Or perhaps he or she posted an inflammatory and offensive response to a fellow student. Or the response was cut-and-pasted from a well-known website. How would you address any of these issues? What type of feedback would you provide? Would your response to the student be public or private, and why?  -Describe a leadership theory that resonates with you. Why does this particular theory appeal to you in contrast to the other theories? Have you ever seen a nursing leader utilize this theory? -Six competency areas essential for creative leadership include technology master, problem solver, ambassador, change maker, communicator and team player. Which one of these attributes is a personal strength for you already? Provide an example. Which attribute will require the most in terms of your own self-development? How do you intend to grow in that area? -Health ScienceScienceNursing NURSING 580

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-Imagine you are an online instructor and a student has po
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