Mr. Damith Odonga, 42-years-old, migrated from South Africa to Australiasix (6) years ago. He recently got his permanent residency in Australia. Mr. Odonga is survived by four (4) young children, under the age of ten (10), who live with him. He is separated from his wife. Mr. Odonga is working as a plumber who installs and repairs water, drainage, gas and sewerage pipes and systems. He lives in Charlton, a rural town in Victoria, Australia. He has recently moved to this new place. Mr. Odonga is a smokes 30 cigarettes per day, and drinks 6-8 standard drinks per day. He is overweight and recently started having breathing difficulty. He is upset about his health now and he wants to live a normal life for his children. Mr. Odonga participated in an information session organised by the community nurses about health promotion. Your supervising Registered Nurse asked you to provide required information and support to Mr. Odonga.You are required to perform the following activities as part of assessment task one (1):a.      Collect basic information about Mr. Odonga’s health status through appropriate interview questions and discussion. The information must include:·      Risk factors associated with the current health status, e.g. family history and medical history;·      Social circumstances applying to the current health status, e.g. work pattern, socio-cultural, economic factors influencing health;·      Emotional wellbeing of the person.b.      Provide information on the health professionals Mr. Odonga should approach to seek further assistance in relation to his health status. Discuss the roles of these health professionals;c.      Identify the health agencies and services Mr. Odonga could approach to address his health requirements. You are expected to apply a knowledge of levels of health care when demonstrating this activity. You must also demonstrate how you would assist Mr. Odonga in accessing one (1) of these agencies;d.      Discuss appropriate health care service funding sources and health-related insurances Mr. Odonga could apply for or access; ande.      Identify two (2) available community health promotional strategies that Mr. Odonga could access to address his health needs. Discuss the effectiveness of these community health promotional strategies with Mr. Odonga.  Note to the student: ·      Your assessor will play the role of Mr. Odonga who will provide you with the required information addressing the above discussed criteria based on your questions; ·      You must apply various principles of primary health care and the wellness principles when undertaking task 1; ·      You must access various sources of information using the RTO’s computer or your personal laptop when providing information on health care agencies, services, funding and insurances, e.g. assisting the person to access different website information and displaying the service’s facilities available online; and·      Familiarise yourself with the observation checklist for all observable behaviours you will be assessed on·      Following the demonstration of appropriate skills relevant to the task, your assessor will ask two (2) questions on wellness principles and principles of primary health care. Review relevant topics and prepare for this competency conversation. Health ScienceScienceNursing HLTENN 001

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