Mrs. Rivera developed an abscess after having a colon resection. Sheis having a large amount of drainage from the incision and has fragile skin. Two nights ago she fell and broke her left femur. She has a splint to the left leg with an ace wrap to hold it in place. She will be scheduled for surgical repair of the extremity as soon as she is medically stable. (Learning Objectives 1,2, 3, 5)1. (a) As you do your morning assessment, what special assessment is required of Mrs. Rivera’s left lower extremity?(b) Explain your rationale.  (c) How often should this assessment be repeated? 2.Why would Mrs. Rivera have an antiembolism stocking on her rightlower extremity?    3.When assessing Mrs. Rivera’s abdomen and checking her dressing, you note she has Montgomery straps. Why would Montgomery straps be appropriate for Mrs. Rivera? Health ScienceScienceNursing NURSING VN102

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Mrs. Rivera developed an abscess after having a colon resect
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