Nur 590. week 7 assignment. United Stated University.Apply what you have learned about Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, and demonstrate the ability to develop a holistic plan of care, incorporating Telehealth and defining assessment and intervention of specific population incorporating unique attributes of populations for health promotion, wellness preservation, and maintenance of function across the health-illness continuum.Develop a case study and a plan of care, incorporating current mobile App technology:1. Select a population. Define your population by gender, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, spiritual need, and healthcare need. Apply concepts learned in course to identify healthcare needs specific to the population and access to care (Utilize your textbook Chapters 1-25, and identified Websites). Also use at least two references within the five years.2. Develop a case study for a patient in your chosen population.3. Define a provider level of care that includes telehealth, alternative therapies, and mobile App technology discussed in this class. Describe how telehealth could impact the care delivery of this patient. Health ScienceScienceNursing NURSING FN 590

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Nur 590. week 7 assignment. United Stated University.Apply w
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