On Staff Spiritual CareIt is good that spiritual leaders usually accompany the medical team.  Just like in the hospital setting, the spiritual leaders are often assigned full time to disaster relief teams. At our local hospital, we now have several full-time spiritual persons on staff. They are primarily from the local churches representing various denominations. Whenever an individual’s home church cannot come to the hospital, the on-staff spiritual leaders will definitely provide support.During a disaster, many of the spiritual leaders volunteer to accompany rescue teams. They have proven to be equally as important as the medical personnel.Does your facility offer on-staff spiritual leaders? Does your facility have a chapel or other room for quiet time? Discuss what you think the community health nurse might provide for clients in need of this service.Please include 1 or 2 references.Thank you.Health ScienceScienceNursing NRS 428

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On Staff Spiritual CareIt is good that spiritual leaders usu
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