Question -Describes the identified leader in terms of their role, organization,responsibilities, leadership skills, leadership style, and their questionnaire score. Expands on the leader’s techniques of motivating, delegating, and rewarding staff -Expanded explanation of how the group followed the 5 rights of delegation with equine therapy -Expanded on how the group used the DECIDE model with equine therapy -Fully articulates the needs assessment and how it was conducted including examples-Fully articulates the mission statement as well as delineates between collaboration, cooperation, coordination. Gives examples of other professions that collaborate within a hospital setting. -Describes any coaching or de-escalating issues during equine therapy. Identifies and expands upon the 4 resolution techniques -Demonstrates how equine therapy shows respect for others, commitment to patients and advocacy for the patients. ANA code of ethics is incorporated into your project. Gives examples of each -Fully describes any legal and ethical governing regulations requiring attention for equine therapy and how it was handledHealth ScienceScienceNursing LEADERSHIP 5004

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Question -Describes the identified leader in terms of their
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