QuestionUsing APA format guidelines , write a full report with the sections… Using APA format guidelines, write a full report with the sections below. You can use double-space in this section. This section should look like an APA – formatted report.               I.         Introduction: State your research question and null hypothesis. Include the variables, measurement levels, the bivariate research question, and the hypothesis [for example, the event of adverse risk (using your variable name here, for instance, alcohol usage) will be higher/or lower in the risk exposed group (i.e., marijuana use) compare to the non-exposed group (non-users of marijuana)].             II.         Method: Include the full sample description (e.g., sample size, eligibility criteria, etc) and statistical methods used for data analysis. (The sample information can be found in “Polit Dataset Description” in SPSS Data Sets folder).           III.         Results: Include frequencies and percentages for the two variables, crosstabulation results, risk indexes (ARs, ARR, RR, and OR), and chi-square test results. Include a summary table for the results and write your interpretation.  (Attach all SPSS outputs as an Appendix and label the Appendix here for easy identification and grading.)          IV.         Discussion: Write a report including summary and interpretation of the findings reported in the previous sections relative to the research questions you posed in your introduction. Be as thorough as possible.Health ScienceScienceNursing NURS 6208

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QuestionUsing APA format guidelines , write a full report wi
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