Rani is a new lifestyle support worker at Respite Accommodation Service for people with a disability.  You have learned from a co-worker that Rani completed her nursing training in Pakistan.  During the shift handover you have to provide new information for changes to medication for a client to Rani. Part of Ranis’ role is to assist clients with their daily medication. During the conversation you have learnt that Rani speaks with a very strong accent which at times was hard to understand.  You are not sure that Rani has understood so you go over the information again to satisfy yourself that Rani has understood the instructions. After you have finished giving the information the second time and have asked Rani a question you have come to the conclusion that Rani still seems to be unsure about what to do. 1.  List four (4) alternative methods of communication that you could use to ensure Rani understands the information.2.  Rani appears to be having difficulties with understanding instructions. Is there a need to report the situation, explain why/why not? Who would you report to? Health ScienceScienceNursing CHCECE CHCDIV001

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Rani is a new lifestyle support worker at Respite Accommodat
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