Recovery in Mental Health/ Healthcare  Introduction to task Aim of activityPlan and organise an activity which reflects the partnership approach between the service user and the team. The activity should demonstrate strategies to reinforce positive mental health for residents/clients. The activity should be set out using the following headings:-Overall goal you wish to achieve Objective of activity-What steps/actions you intend to take to achieve overall aim–How you carried out the activity-What specifically did you do the benefit to service user-How this activity will improve quality of life of the service user e.g. physically, emotionally etc.  Discuss and demonstrate the following pointshow you identified the service user’s specific needs and your choice of activityhow you facilitated freedom of choice and partnership in decision makingDemonstrated communication skills. empathy, listening etc.and how you worked effectively with the service user Dem your ability to work independently and as part of the healthcare team  understanding of the following:-Policies & Procedures in relation to positive mental health and mental health promotion. -Good practice skills when caring for service users-how we do things, established practices  areas of competence in promoting positive mental health when caring for service users with a mental illness and areas for improvement.Health ScienceScienceNursing NURSING NUR208

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Recovery in Mental Health/ Healthcare  Introduction to task
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